World Hello Day

21 November 2021 marks the 49th anniversary of World Hello Day. This global event was created by university graduates Brian and Michael McCormack, McCormack, to urge world leaders to peacefully resolve conflicts through communication rather than violence1. World Hello Day is now celebrated in 180 countries1.

Researchers say that in times of COVID-19, it is important to have brief friendly interactions with strangers, especially when we are low on Vitamin S (i.e. when one has been deprived of social contact for a fair amount of time).2 Although the health benefits have not been extensively researched, these simple interactions, like a smile, a wave or saying Hello!, may have a short-term positive impact and promote ‘social-mindfulness’

Here’s how you can celebrate!

  • Greet at least 10 new or old acquaintances today! It may be simple enough to do but it can have a great effect, leading to interesting conversations and maybe new friends too. Go ahead and try it – see what happens!

  • Say ‘Hello’ to someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time or to family, friends or colleagues that you might have had a quarrel with. Communication is, after all, the key to understanding our differences and making things better.

  • Learn how to say ‘Hello’ in a different language! Here’s a comic to help you learn greetings in French, Spanish, German, Japanese and more! Now you can say hello to people from all over the world!

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