Exercise – more than having a trim tum

In a busy week, it may be hard to fit in those five lots of 30 minute sessions of exercise. And as the summer sun seems to have been a distant friend since Wimbledon finished, sometimes the weather hasn’t always been a motivator to get us out there and getting fit.

As a previous post has shown, many of us are embarrassed by our tummies, but what you might not realise is that exercise isn’t just good for keeping us in shape, it also helps to exercise the muscles of the digestive tract, helps control weight and can help reduce stress.

Did you know that our digestive tracts are ringed with muscles that contract to help food through? Well like other muscles in the body, these are stimulated by exercise – and regular exercise can help the bowel muscles contracting at a health rate.

So how can we get more active and keep it fun?

Personal Trainer, Sophie Christy offers these tips:sophie-christy1

  • Adults should do a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity, five times a week. As a general rule this should make you a little warm or sweaty, and slightly out of breath but no more than that.
  • Exercise doesn’t need to be in extreme bursts – half an hour could be split up during the day -so morning and afternoon for instance.
  • A lifestyle activity such as ‘walking the dog’ or ‘walking to the shops’ counts as part of your exercise.
  • Vary your exercises – do flexibility exercises such as yoga or pilates, aerobic exercises such as walking or swimming and anaerobic exercises such as weight bearing exercises.
  • If you are at risk from obesity or need to manage your weight because of a medical condition then you may need to increase to 45-60 minutes, five times a week. Speak to your GP or a trainer before undergoing any new regimens.