The summer holidays are over and it’s back to the grindstone we go! Getting back in to our usual routine can be difficult and slipping into bad habits like snacking on sweets and crisps which not great for our digestive system is all too easy. Don’t let bad habits creep back into your life, ensure you keep your bikini body in tow all year round and maintain a healthy body inside and out. Check out our tips for staying trim.


  • Always ensure you eat breakfast not matter how small. Breakfast means we are breaking the fast from the night before. Our bodies need energy to keep us going and so we need to ensure we kick start our metabolism. Why not try a fruit smoothie, yoghurt or a piece of toast. All these foods will help your digestive system regular also as well as providing you with enough energy until lunch time to prevent snacking in between.


  • Filing up on sweets and chocolates are empty calories and not good for our digestive system. Why not try a banana or dried fruit as this will provide us with energy, are a good source of fibre which will keep our digestive systems running smoothly as well as giving us that sweet taste we may often crave.


  • Getting motivated to exercise during the colder months can be hard however there are many ways that you can use a few extra calories without having to venture out in the cold. For example during the breaks of your favourite program, why not get up and walk around a bit rather than sitting and watching all the T.V. adverts or whilst hovering why not put some music on and dance you way around the carpets. This will help you get your heart rate up and burn some calories. Being active also helps our digestive system as it aid bowel movement which is an added bonus to keeping in shape through exercise.