Why not try these traditional foods that will also keep our guts nice and friendly during the Jubilee celebrations.

  • Cold soup such as carrot and ginger? The vitamins and minerals in the carrots will to keep our guts in tip top shape over the celebrations. Check out the link below for this delicious recipe:


As recommended in the recipe you can serve with wholemeal bread which is increase your fibre content!

  • Make your pork pies, mini quiches from scratch? This way you can use whole meal flour instead of white flour which will also increase your fibre intake as well as adding texture to the pastry.
  • Cracker and cheese, why not use whole meal varieties?
  • Instead of giving fizzy drinks why not make a fruit punch to increase your vitamin and mineral content. Keeping the skins on the fruit will also increase the amount of fibre.
  • Afternoon tea with whole meal scones, again this will help our digestive health