Keeping Up Your Fitness Resolutions

Although the New Year now feels like a distant memory, many of us will have started the year with good intentions and set ourselves new resolutions. A YouGov survey exploring Britons resolution plans for 2021 found that ‘doing more exercise or improving fitness’ was the most commonly reported resolution for the year.Hopefully you have been keeping up your fitness resolutions. However, if you feel like you have been unsuccessful so far, maybe they just need to be re-evaluated…


You may have heard of SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. An example may be: I will workout 5 days a week for 30 minutes each – on two days I will run, on two days I will do strength training, and on one day I will play tennis or do yoga.

But now we can make them SMARTER goals; Evaluate, Readjust.

Take a look at why you haven’t stuck to your intentions you set yourself. Perhaps it wasn’t achievable and you were expecting too much of yourself.

Making a log of your workouts could help you visualise how much you really have been working out and you can start to identify patterns of when you feel most motivated to workout. Certain days may be busier with other commitments and the workouts planned for that day just never happen – rethink your fitness schedule and move your workout from that day to another. Maybe you could workout on fewer days but make each session longer – or vice versa.

Find your motivation

Think about why you set your resolution in the first place. What is it about ‘improving your fitness’ that is important to you and where does that sit within the other priorities you have?

When it’s cold, dark and wet outside it can be easy to talk yourself out of doing that workout. Try to remember the feelings you get during and after your workout.

And remember, the days are getting longer now and spring is just around the corner!

Whilst working out isn’t a fashion show, if buying new workout gear helps motivate you to get moving then go for it, treat yourself!

Gut health

Exercise can also really help improve your digestive health. That doesn’t mean preparing your body to run a marathon, it’s about taking simple steps every day to better health. See for more information.

Try something new

If you feel you haven’t nailed a good routine then perhaps it’s time to try a new activity. There are so many activities out there, and particularly now so many of these activities are available online so you can try these out from the comfort of your own home.

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