So – are you on track with your New Year’s Resolutions? If, like so many of us (this blogger included!) you have resolved that 2011 is the year you will get fit and start exercising, here are some top tips for little boosters to your regime. Remember, small changes really CAN make big differences!

  • Walk on! Wear comfortable shoes outside the house. Now park your car a little further away from wherever you’re going and enjoy that walk.
  • Walk or cycle small errands: Fit a basket to your bike so you don’t need the car to pop to the shop.
  • Take the stairs: If you use a lift or escalator on a daily basis then walk some of the way. Take it slowly so you can keep going.
  • Listen in: Whether it’s walking, gardening, housework or walking the dog, an mp3 player keeps you company and makes exercising time fly—if you’re not into music, try podcasts of interesting programmes.
  • Do it with friends: Form a walking / running / dog-walking group several times a week. Or join a group near you. Go to “Walking for Health” on
  • Learn something new: Take lessons in a sport you can enjoy with friends or partner, such as tennis or swimming. Get a sense of achievement as well as a new healthy pastime.
  • Keep it varied: Varying your programme helps keep your enthusiasm for exercise up so you’re more likely to stick to it. Include flexibility exercises like yoga and Pilates, aerobic exercises like walking and swimming and anaerobic exercises like weight bearing exercises.