So this weekend marks the official start of British summertime – don’t forget to turn your clocks forward by one hour on Sunday! It’s true we’ll be losing that extra hour in bed but think of all the extra daylight in the mornings and evenings – plus we have plenty to look forward to with a long summer ahead!

So why not celebrate the arrival of British summertime by taking advantage of those extra daylight hours? This is a perfect opportunity to change your usual exercise routine by trying a new outdoor sport, such as tennis, cycling or running. Or team up with friends for a few games of rounders or Frisbee in the local park!

And once the weather is warm enough in the evening, you could even gather friends or family together and sit in the garden with a healthy picnic.

Or, as the sun starts to rise earlier throughout April and May, why not get up extra early once a week and go for a brisk 30-minute walk before work?

Just a few changes to your daily routine could make a big difference to your health and overall wellbeing – so use the extra sunlight to your advantage!