How many of you had a very hot and outdoor weekend? If you did I can’t blame you, lbl40-peopleraisingglassesand have to say that I spent my fair share of time enjoying the countryside and a barbecue or two.

 Are there many of you looking around the workplace and spotting a few ruby coloured faces, or those with a two tone effect where the weekend outfits finished and the sunburn began?

 Well we do have a tendency to embrace the great outdoors when the sun starts to shine but while we should enjoy the possible beginning of a long summer (one can hope!) we also need to make sure we’re taking care of our bodies.

And of course wearing sunscreen, sunhats, getting enough shade is all good for helping the external factors (just ask those people who haven’t gone red!) but what about the inside of the body?

 How many people may be suffering from the heat simply because they didn’t take in enough fluids of the non alcoholic variety? The sun can be very good at dehydrating you so make sure you’re getting enough water and soft drinks to keep your fluid levels up.

 And what about the barbecues? How good are the people at cooking the food? Is the meat thoroughly cooked or is it completely burnt to a crisp? Try and avoid any unnecessary stomach issues by checking before eating and cutting through meat to check its ok to eat.

Also if you’re planning days out or trips to the country then don’t forget to pack a small first aid kit with you. You may not need just the regulars such as plasters and insect creams but may need to consider constipation and diarrhoea remedies. Remember it may smell good but has it been prepared well? The last thing anyone wants to do is spend days of the summer stuck indoors as we can’t move too far away from the loo!