This week is Diabetes Week and Diabetes UK is using it as a platform to – Talk About Diabetes. Looking at ways of tackling the issue of difficult conversations with the aim of making it easier for people to approach these conversations with medical professionals, friends or family.

Anyone suffering from Diabetes is encouraged to get involved by sharing their top tip for talking about diabetes. In addition you can also access their top tip guides for talking to friends, family, medical professionals and employers:

Diabetes UK has also been involved with other organisations and NHS England to develop a new guide called ‘Language Matters’ published today. The language used by medical professionals can have a significant impact on how people with diabetes and those who care for them feel about living with it every day.

“At its best, good use of language; verbal, written and non-verbal (body language) which is more inclusive and values based, can lower anxiety, build confidence, educate and help to improve self-care. Conversely, poor communication can be stigmatising, hurtful and undermining of self-care and have a detrimental effect on clinical outcomes”.

Language Matters’ is a practical handbook designed to be used and referred to in a clinical setting, rather than sit on a shelf. For further information see: