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Individuals often find it difficult to lose weight when they are faced with the temptation of dining out with friends and family. Without you even realising it, dining out several times a week can add inches to your waistline. Furthermore, many of us underestimate how many calories we are consuming when dining out even when […]

Fats and Sugar-everything in moderation! A lack of physical activity isn’t the only reason that 1 in 4 British adults are obese. Consuming high amounts of energy in the diet, particularly from foods high in fat and sugar can lead to an excess amount of fat being stored in the body, particularly if we are […]

As we continue to highlight the importance of Word Obesity Awareness Week, we decided to explore the research on how meal size and frequency can help contribute to weight loss. You may have heard that eating little and often can help you maintain a healthy weight, and this has been proven to be true to […]

Obesity and Exercise Obesity now affects 1 in 4 British adults. It’s estimated that half of the population could be obese by 2050. One key explanation for these figures is a lack of engagement in physical activity. Very few of us are meeting the governments’ recommendations for physical activity- currently at 150 minutes per week. Being […]

A lot of research has gone into investigating possible contributing factors to cancer risk. The World Cancer Research Fund currently gives recommendations for reducing cancer risk; we discuss a few of these briefly…

Reducing your sugar intake.