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Various studies have shown those who are more active to have a better defecation pattern

From April to October Love Your Gut is working hard with healthcare professionals to help further increase public health awareness on gut health issues. Your local hospital, clinic or health centre may even be holding a Love Your Gut Campaign!

Christmas and all the partying which comes with it may have resulted in a higher consumption of sugary and fatty foods for a number of us. Coupled with increased alcohol intake and disrupted eating times, this can really wreak havoc on our digestive systems. Perhaps instead of placing our focus on those New Year’s resolutions […]

Are you hydrated?

Are you looking after your gut?

Have you got good bacteria in your gut?

Staying healthy and maintain a healthy gut is not just about what we eat but also about how physically active we are too.  With an ever increasing technological society we have become less and less active as time has moved forward. Things like lifts and escalators mean we don’t need to use the stairs or […]

So why not take your precautions before travelling?

There are more bacteria in your colon than there are humans in this planet!The key is to get a balance between the “good” and “bad” bacteria in the intestines