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Nutrition and Hydration Week – 13-19 March 2023 Since 2012 Nutrition and Hydration Week has taken place in March. Its global mission is to focus on nutrition and hydration as a fundamental element of maintaining the health and well-being of our global community. With around 3 million people at risk of malnutrition in the UK […]

St. David’s Day   As Spring approaches and the days start to get longer, we see the Spring flowers starting to bloom, including Daffodils! We know it’s time to celebrate St David’s Day! Daffodils symbolise St. David’s Day also known as the Feast of Saint David, which has been widely celebrated across Wales for centuries […]

Wellbeing Tips for Spring A change of season is around the corner and what better time is there to remind you to look after yourself with some wellbeing tips for Spring ? Life can sometimes feel overwhelming with challenges and stresses of everyday life. So, it’s easy to forget about ourselves and our mental and […]

Shrove Tuesday Pancake day, also known as Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras, is a day filled with tradition and pancakes!  At Love Your Gut we welcome a day dedicated to pancakes, especially given the variety of gut loving toppings that are available.   But before we get into our favourite pancake recipes,  let’s find out what […]

Random Acts of Kindness Day – Help Make Kindness the Norm Annual celebration Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated every year on 17 February and encourages us to be more generous with our time and resources. Become a RAKtivist You can even go further and become a RAKtivist- (Random Acts of Kindness activist!  There are […]

New Year Happy New Year! 2023 is right around the corner and with the new year comes celebrations, good food and a chance to reflect on the previous year. No matter how your 2022 was, good or bad, the New Year is a chance to refresh, with new opportunities and challenges awaiting you. After the […]

  Tips from Registered Dietitian Jo Travers on how to get gut healthy for Christmas Christmas  is just around the corner, which means last minute planning, enjoying indulgent food and drink and celebrating with loved ones. However, amidst all this excitement, looking after our gut health At Christmas is more crucial than ever to benefit […]

Festival of Winter Walks   The Festival of Winter walks was started by the Ramblers charity and has been running for nearly 30 years from mid-December to January and what better reason is there to get outside than walking for your wellbeing this winter? This  is a great opportunity to get more people walking, enjoying […]

What is diabetes? Today is World Diabetes Day (WDD) – Diabetes  is a complicated condition that takes many different forms. It happens when blood sugar (glucose) levels are too high because your body is either not producing enough insulin, the insulin it produces is not effective, or  your body can’t produce insulin at all. Insulin […]