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What is diabetes? Today is World Diabetes Day (WDD) – Diabetes  is a complicated condition that takes many different forms. It happens when blood sugar (glucose) levels are too high because your body is either not producing enough insulin, the insulin it produces is not effective, or  your body can’t produce insulin at all. Insulin […]

2 November is Stress Awareness Day – everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives and at Love Your Gut we know that stress can affect the gut. Read our blog to learn more about stress and some take away tips or tricks for mental wellbeing. The annual campaign for Stress Awareness Day shows […]

World Porridge Day The 10th  October is World Porridge Day! Porridge is a traditional breakfast dish that is made from simmering oats in either milk or water and was believed to have originated in Scotland.  Simple yet versatile, a hearty bowl of porridge has become a staple breakfast dish due to its high nutritional value […]

Gut healthy cooking made simple With tips from Dr Joan Ransley for Love Your Gut Week 2022 A healthy gut is not only important for digestion, but also crucial for our brain, mood, and overall wellbeing. To help educate on how we can all nurture our gut health through the food we eat, Dr Joan […]

Six Tips to Better Gut Health for Love Your Gut Week 2022 It’s Love Your Gut Week and the gut is one of the most important organs in the body so keeping it healthy is crucial to our overall wellbeing. Learning to look after your gut has huge benefits, The gut has the power to impact […]

Tips for gut health on holiday It’s that time of the year when many of us get the chance to travel, destress and enjoy time away from work. So here are some top tips to keep your gut healthy while you’re on holiday. Stay Hydrated It’s easy to get dehydrated if you’re travelling to a […]

Summer Recipes During the summer months, we enjoy long, light evenings socialising and often that means eating meals with friends and family. This is the perfect time to enjoy meals outside with colourful salads, BBQs and plenty of fresh produce. Why not make the most of everything we have on offer in the UK and […]

Portion Sizes and a balanced diet Having a variety of foods across all food groups is important for health. We often talk about a healthy diet being one that is balanced but what does a balanced diet really mean? The Eatwell guide demonstrates all the food groups, in appropriate amounts to maintain health1. Nutritional requirements […]

Summer Food Swaps It’s summertime! While you’re enjoying the plentiful sunshine and long days, try out our summer food swaps to keep your body, mind and your gut bugs healthy and happy this summer. Load up on colourful veg Fresh and vibrant salads, summer rolls, poke and buddha bowls are great options to increase the […]