Recipe by Alison Clark BSc, Registered Dietitian, MBDA

This is a FODMAP friendly dip to make in advance to use as a spread on a low FODMAP friendly carbohydrate base, for example; wheat free pitta, rice cakes, oat cakes or use with Low FODMAP crudités.

Aubergine Dip with Wheat free Pitta

Heat grill to very hot, slice aubergine in half, length ways and grill for 25 minutes until soft.

Take off the grill and leave until cool to handle. Score the grilled flesh and spoon out.

Tip into a bowl with the rest of the ingredients and mash until desired consistency.

Serve with toasted wheat free pitta bread or try with other alternatives such as oat cakes or crudities.


2 tbsp FODMAP friendly (to buy – plain pouring yoghurt) per person

Instead of garlic infused oil, try asafoetida powder to flavour the dip; this gives a good onion and garlic taste without the use of these high FODMAP ingredients, which some people with gut sensitivity can cause unwanted symptoms.

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