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Nutrition and Hydration Week It’s Nutrition and Hydration Week! This annual campaign raises awareness and celebrates the importance of a balanced diet and hydration, particularly in health and social care settings. We all know that what we eat and drink can impact our health1. An active lifestyle is also important to maintain health and keep […]

     It’s Nutrition & Hydration week! So therefore this week’s post is all about wonderful water.  Water is formed of 2 hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atom and therefore it’s chemical formula is H2O. This molecule is vital for life, and has many roles within the human body, in order to keep us alive and […]

This February, as part of National Heart Month, the British Heart Foundation has introduced the campaign ‘10 minutes to change your life’ to encourage individuals to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle.  It’s surprising how small changes to your daily routine can make a big difference to your heart health long term.  Diet plays […]

Recent press attention has once again highlighted the issues associated with excessive consumptions of salt. A significant amount of the salt that is consumed in the diet is hidden in processed foods. One of the best ways to reduce salt content is to stick to a diet which is as natural as possible. The benefits […]

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