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10,000 Steps a Day I am sure you have all heard of the 10,000 step target that many people, fitness-fanatic or otherwise, swear by. But where did this number come from and is 10,000 steps a day effective? The Origin of 10,000 Steps The 10,000 step target was originally created as a marketing campaign for […]

Dúisigh Éire! – St Patrick’s Day 2021 St Patrick’s Day, a day to celebrate Irish culture, is held on the 17 March each year. It was originally a day of feasting to celebrate the life of St Patrick – one of the most famous pa tron saints of Ireland. However, today it usually involves a mass […]

 “I told you I was ill”   Spike Milligan famously once said “If we don’t have a plan – then nothing can go wrong!” His epitaph also famously reads “I told you I was ill” I am a big fan of Mr Milligan – I think the world needs a big dollop of nonsense every […]

 It’s Love Your Gut Week 2017 and Love Your Gut partner The IBS Network tackle the issue of going back to work after the summer break… Summer is over and many of us are looking ahead to autumn with all the challenges that it brings. Going back to work, school or university after a break […]

Stress is what you feel when the pressure you are under exceeds your ability to cope…While some stress can be positive – helping us to prepare for challenges, too much stress over prolonged periods can cause physical and emotional upset to the body…

Whether you are jetting off to sunnier climes or staying at home see our top tips on Summer Health and be prepared for all eventualities…

Two Left Feet Week 2015 – get up and dance and improve your gut health…

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