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To keep up-to-date with all the coverage from this year’s gut week visit: https://loveyourgut.com/gut-week/gut-week-2014/

From April to October Love Your Gut is working hard with healthcare professionals to help further increase public health awareness on gut health issues. Your local hospital, clinic or health centre may even be holding a Love Your Gut Campaign!

Let’s get talking about our guts!!!!

Lets get talking about our guts!

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Brits are unaware of what constitutes a standard portion size, new research from Loveyourgut.com revealed today.

Brits estimate they’re carrying a staggering 23 million stone in excess weight – that’s over 16lbs per person – and the bulk of this is carried around our middles research

It’s only seven days to this year’s Gut Week and what a week we have in store!