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  Many are not aware of and are ignoring potential signs of bowel cancer Extreme tiredness, abdominal pain and blood in poo can all be symptoms 1 in 4 are not aware that blood in poo can be a symptom and just a third recognised abdominal pain as a sign Love Your Gut together with […]

  World Cancer Day took place on 4 February 2017 – Bowel Cancer UK worked with 9 other charities to unite everyone in a simple but powerful life changing act – wearing a Unity Band® .  If you didn’t get a chance to get a band in time for World Cancer Day, it’s not too […]

2016 marks the ten year anniversary of the introduction of bowel cancer screening in the UK. Bowel Cancer UK is urging people during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month to spread the word among their family, friends and colleagues to take part in screening.

Earlier this year, Love Your Gut released some new research into the UK’s embarrassment around the subject of gut health. One key thing we found was that women are more open about discussing their bowel problems than men are. 41 % of women admitted that they had discussed their bowel problems with someone other than […]

Bowel Cancer UK is urging the British public to back its call for vital research to help save more lives as the charity launches Bowel Cancer Awareness Month 2015.

Smoking can hugely impact the health of your digestive system.

Regular checks and touching of our own bodies can help us to understand when and if changes do occur

Bowel Cancer UK aims to save lives and improve the quality of life for all those affected by bowel cancer.

What is IBS? Taken from: https://www.theibsnetwork.org/what-is-ibs/ Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is the name doctors have given to a collection of otherwise unexplained symptoms relating to a disturbance of the colon or large intestine. It affects around a third of the population at some point in their lives and about one in ten people suffer […]